What is Pythalgoras ($PYTHON)

Welcome to Algorand

In the beginning, hell No! I never deceived Eve, she fucking didnt understand what i meant by code it. she fucking pussy went to grab some apple, who the fuck does that!!!!!!!!! Well, she got what she print. Pythalgoras is a unique first official meme token of the integration of python and algorand. Hope you dummies aint gonna grab a bite of apple off this one too, fucking adam and eve.

Immerse yourself in the code. As we move into onboarding the wider web3 ecosystems into the developmental works on algorand. But trust me, this is just a meme token lol. Enjoy the ecosystem and get ready for an adventure like no other. Whether you’re a meme aficionado, or a techie, shit fuck it! this is absolutely a token for all.

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Roadmap will continuously change as we progress with our project to everyone fucking prick and pussy sent into this "environment". For news and updates, join our Twitter announcement channel

Phase 1

● garden preparation

● Discord & Twitter

● Wait for the fucking fruit to germinate & Getting out of the garden roadmap

Phase 2

● liquidity collab

● Significant community outreach

● Just waiting for them motherfuckers who called us zombies chain, to come for a hiss fight.

Phase 3

● No utility just waiting for rapture

● Tinyman Listings

Our Mission

First Come First Served

Not gonna lie we dont know what we are doing. fuck it! that what happens when you got a freewill dumbass